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Chamber Bucks

Keep Money Local with Chamber Bucks

Our Chamber Bucks program allows both the Chamber and local organizations and businesses to give back by keeping money local. Chamber Bucks are often offered as prizes for our events, and local businesses can purchase Chamber Bucks for employees and events as well.


Chamber Bucks are a form of currency that can only be used at participating Woodson County Chamber of Commerce Member Businesses. The certificates are presented to a Member Business as payment for goods and services, and then the certificates are redeemed at the Chamber of Commerce by businesses to obtain payment.

This program gives us the opportunity to ensure that the money we invest in prizes to those who participate in Chamber Events goes right back into our Member Businesses and allows community members and visitors to frequent a local business they may not have known about or tried before.

If you have questions about Chamber Bucks or would like to purchase Chamber Bucks for an event, please contact the Chamber at (620) 625-3235 or


Money spent supporting local businesses is money well spent - the success of local businesses is a success for our entire community in Woodson and surrounding counties!

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