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Find your next adventure - Yates Center • Toronto • Piqua • Neosho Falls • Cross Timber state Park • Woodson State Fishing Lake & Wildlife Area • South Owl Lake Historic Town Square • Yates Center resevoir • mom and pop shops • history • gravel roads • abandoned places • Wildlife • adventure - A photo of a paddler in a small boat against the backdrop of a peach and purple sunset sky and Toronto Lake.

Visit Woodson County

Visit the charming brick streets of Yates Center’s quaint Historic Town Square and Toronto’s quirky Main Street - offering unique shopping and dining experiences - as well as Neosho Falls’ spooky abandoned buildings and Piqua’s Buster Keaton Museum. Don’t miss the converging ecological zones of the Flint Hills and Chautauqua Hills at Cross Timbers State Park, offering abundant birding, boating, camping, and hiking opportunities, and the expansive 2,885 acres of public hunting and fishing grounds within Woodson Wildlife Area and Woodson State Fishing Lake. Bike, hike, camp, and boat your way through a variety of scenic landscapes and historical sites, and relax and enjoy the laid-back way of life in our peaceful and inviting communities and recreational areas.

Thank you to the Woodson County Tourism Board for funding this project in part:
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Cross Timbers State Park & Toronto Lake

Cross Timbers State Park offers campsites, RV hookups, cabins, and plenty of opportunities for hiking, fishing, and having fun in, around, and on Toronto Lake.


Historical Locations

Woodson County has many historical sites and points of interest, including Kalida Castle, the Historic Yates Center Town Square, a Carnegie library, the Woodson County Historical Museum and more.

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Neosho Falls & Piqua

Visit the Neosho River, tour the historical town of Neosho Falls, and stop by the iconic grain bins at Piqua for a meal at Silverado's and a visit to the Buster Keaton Museum. Pair this with a trip to nearby Allen County for shopping, sweet treats, antiques and more!


South Owl Lake

Nestled among the blackjack trees, the lake and its surroundings offer a beautiful setting for an exciting fishing experience or a wonderful family picnic.


Toronto & Flint Hills

Situated along the Verdigris River and near Toronto Lake, Toronto has lodging, seasonal shopping opportunities, and sits on the border of the Kansas Flint Hills Region. Opportunities for outdoor recreation abound near this quaint and quirky community that welcomes visitors with open arms.

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Woodson Wildlife Area & State fishing lake

Woodson Wildlife Area features 2,885 of public fishing and hunting grounds situated within the stunning Chautauqua Hills. Woodson State Fishing Lake is situated between Yates Center and Toronto and offers campgrounds and plenty of great fishing opportunities. This lake is solely for fishing, so recreational vessels and swimming are prohibited. If you're looking for a quiet place to enjoy beautiful views and be in nature, you'll want to make a stop here.


Yates Center & Historic Town Square

Yates Center is the seat of Woodson County, but it wasn't always so. The history of how our county made this choice is quite unique - be sure to click the "Learn More" button below for more on this. Yates Center is full of history, including its beautiful, red-brick paved courthouse square. Health and wellness, lodging, shopping and dining opportunities are all available here - and don't miss the historic Carnegie library next to the post office!


Yates Center Reservoir

Yates Center Reservoir has 212 acres of surface water, with 500 acres of land surrounding the lake. The entire area offers: fishing, boating, water skiing, hiking, hunting and rough camping. Yates Center Reservoir has a boat ramp, fishing piers, and a shelter house. Camping is permitted in a designated spot by the parking lot. The lake has a vault restroom, but no other camping hook-ups are presently available.

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