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More About Us

Passionate About Woodson County

Woodson County is a community that is easy to call home. We have everything our residents need to live comfortably, as well as a community support system that never fails to help those who need a hand.


We offer Memberships to local businesses so that we can uplift our small business owners, positively impacting our community as a whole. Not only does the Chamber of Commerce offer Membership Benefits to business owners - we also hold annual events that promote tourism to our community and offer a way for local people to enjoy unique events without traveling outside of our county.

We work with other community entities and organizations to support our community, such as partnering with the local United Methodist Church Food Pantry, The Town Hall community center, RevitalizeYC, Light Hardware Building, The City of Yates Center, The City of Toronto, the Toronto Booster Club, and more to create more impactful community events, work together to solve community challenges, and help small business owners obtain grants.

We hope you'll consider visiting our quaint community. We'll welcome you with open arms whether your stay lasts a day or a lifetime.

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