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Construction & Remodeling

The H&H logo is shown - it features a green house graphic.

H&H Roofing & Restoration

(620) 332-9249

120 W Myrtle St


We specialize in roofing, guttering, siding, painting and windows. Insurance restoration reconstruction is a demanding, specialized area and the insurance aspects are usually more time consuming than the actual repairs. We are professionals trained to identify hidden, but serious damage, when we inspect your property. The inspection is FREE. We are accustomed to working with the adjustors to ensure that your property is able to be properly repaired to pre-catastrophe condition. If it is found that repairs are required, your only cost is your deductible. We also perform any necessary emergency repairs while waiting for final authorization from your insurance company.

The Hardy Fence logo is shown. It features a fence that is blue and teal.

Hardy Fence

(620) 212-5638

111 E Butler St

Yates Center

Hardy Fence offers premium fence solutions throughout Southeast Kansas. Our primary goal is to provide high quality, long lasting fence that will be an attractive and functional addition to your property for years to come. We pride ourselves in timely estimates, detailed communication with our customers throughout the entire process, and a finished product that stands out among the rest. Our online quote tool is free to use, and we offer 3rd party financing to make investing in your property even easier.

A striking remodeled kitchen is shown, with custom cabinetry, hardwood floors, and stone countertops.

KB Renovations

(620) 496-8246

Yates Center

Remodeling contractor specializing in interior and exterior renovations, decks, and small additions.

The KJ Electrical Contracting logo is shown. It features a white light bulb design on a black background.

KJ Electrical Contracting

(620) 363-4449

310 E Park St

Yates Center

Providing electrical contracting solutions for your residential, commercial, industrial, and oil and gas field needs.

A before and after photo is shown. The kitchen was drab and outdated in the first photo, and is bright and updated to a modern look in the second photo.

Living Faith Handyman

(620) 238-1939

Woodson County & Surrounding Areas

Remodeling • Decks • Lawn Care • Plumbing • Junk Removal • Painting • Siding • Roof Repair • Door & Window Install & Repair • LVT Flooring Installation

A girl is shown playing under a water play feature. She's smiling and running her hand through the fountain of water. There is a beach ball in the background. The Playscapes logo is shown, with a green leaf accent and a light blue wave accent.

Playscapes Recreation

(620) 496-6555

101 S Pratt St

Yates Center

Locally owned and operated construction company specializing in playgrounds, Water Play systems, and parks, recreation, and sports equipment. We are well informed about sensory play and offer play equipment for everyone and every need.

The Shepard Farm & Construction logo is shown. It features an SF brand in a black circle.

Shepard Farm & Construction

(620) 496-6555

101 S Pratt St

Yates Center

Locally owned and operated construction company.

The Smith Welding and Construction logo is shown. It features two pieces of welding equipment and one piece of big machinery.

Smith Welding & Construction

(620) 625-5098

905 E Madison St

Yates Center

Locally owned and operated welding and construction company.

A graphic featuring a digger and large pipe is shown.

TS Construction General Contractors, Inc

(620) 496-6100

1586 Hwy 54

Yates Center

Site Prep • Excavating • Sewers
• Utilities • Grading • Trucking
• Oil & Gas • Railroad • Pipe Supply
• Livestock Watering Systems

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